The Massage Therapy Career Focus Workbook

Documentation — Concept:

Well now, those first two focus principles were fairly darn exciting, and you covered a great deal of ground. Unfortunately, we have to throttle back the excitement level a bit in order to deal with the last remaining issue which makes up the Service Provided aspect of your career—documentation.

Determining your documentation focus has little to do with the types of documentation you might use; rather, it has everything to do with the amount of detail you keep and can subsequently provide to others.

However, for the sake of example, the following clipboards contain some typical documentation issues you may encounter throughout your career.

Returning to the concept of documentation detail, there are two options: basic and comprehensive. Both refer to the degree of thoroughness and technical depth. Obviously, these are fairly subjective terms. What may be basic to one may seem comprehensive to another. But let's not get too worked up about this right now. This will all make sense once you get to Understanding Your Options on the next page.