The Massage Therapy Career Focus Workbook

Part One - Service Provided


In this section you learned about the three wellness areas in which people value activity: Psychosocial, Biochemical, and Biomechanical. You learned about the three possible therapeutic outcome options available through massage: Experiential, Lifestyle, and Corrective. You learned that your choice of wellness area and therapeutic outcome options combine to form your Core Focus. And you learned there are two levels of documentation detail which take into account your needs, your core focus, and the needs of end-users: basic and comprehensive.

Now you can start to put this information together into what we call a career focus statement. Just use the following example based upon the question What do you do? to circle your choices:

Service Provided

I'm a Massage Therapist. I provide (experiential / lifestyle / corrective) therapeutic outcomes in the (psychosocial / biochemical / biomechanical) wellness area with a (basic / comprehensive) level of documentation detail suitable for (end-users: _______________________________________).

For example:

I'm a massage therapist. I provide my clients with corrective outcomes in the biomechanical area of wellness. I also provide comprehensive documentation detail suitable for other health professionals, specifically health insurance providers.

If you are just starting out, you can change the present tense of the question and response to the future tense i.e., "I want to be a . . ."

There is enough information in this statement for two purposes. First, and most obviously, you can use it to answer the question "What do you do?" Sure you might run into a few people who may need you to clarify a few details, but you certainly won't lose them. You'll also preempt any wink, wink, nudge, nudge looks if you give such a response.

Second, you can use it like a filter to screen potential educational and job opportunities. If the opportunity doesn't conflict with what you have constructed as your own focus statement, then go for it. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, you still have four more focus choices to add to this statement.