The Massage Therapy Career Focus Workbook

Care Mode — Concept:

Care Mode defines your role within your client's wellness program. It is a function of the interplay between you and your client and does not exist independent of this relationship. In other words, it takes two to tango.

Technically speaking, the care mode principle addresses the need for an explicit understanding, between you and a client, as to whom will ultimately be responsible for the stimulation, maintenance, or restoration of one or more of the client's wellness area activities. Non-technically speaking, care mode establishes whether you will be equipping your clients to be independent or dependent upon your services.

We call these care mode option choices Active and Passive.

Care Mode — Options:

OPTION 1) Active Care Mode

The active care mode is founded on an understanding between you and your client that massage is simply a temporary supplement. Put another way, you will work closely with your clients to find ways for them to find wellness independence. Therapists focused on active care for client independence are concerned with steering clients toward the necessary referrals, knowledge, and tools so they may control their own wellness levels. This active care approach is becoming a requirement for most insurance claims.

Active Care

Helping your clients reach wellness independence.

OPTION 2) Passive Care Mode

In the passive care mode, your clients become dependent upon your skills for maintaining their wellness. The passive care mode implies continual treatments in the face of no effort, no desire, or the inability to change for the better on behalf of the client. This is not as bad as it sounds. Very often people with disabilities have no choice but to rely on massage as a way to maintain even limited levels of wellness. Other folks just don't see the point in staying well independently when they can enjoy a massage every week and get the same results had they done all the work themselves.

Passive Care

Working with clients who are dependent upon your skills to maintain their wellness.