The Massage Therapy Career Focus Workbook

The Saturated Market Myth

Because many therapists fail to make a decent living doing massage, it is assumed (especially by those not making a decent living) that there are more therapists than the market can support. In marketing terms: saturation has occurred. But market saturation implies that everyone who could use the service is using it — is this true of your community?

Despite the fact that every mammal (human or otherwise), and the growing number of pet iguanas on our fair planet can benefit from massage, we still hear the cry that the market is saturated. In a sense, these unnamed individuals are partially correct, they just need to add the following to their statement: "The market for massage therapists is saturated — with unfocused therapists sending the public vague, confusing promotional messages full of obscure terminology."

There is an unlimited market, however, for focused therapists possessing a vocabulary which the public does understand. You are now becoming part of this enlightened (dare we say elite) group of therapists, but that doesn't mean you can stop learning. You still need to hone your manual and business skills. Once again, having a clear focus is an asset because you will choose only those professional development courses and information which compliment your chosen career path. Neat, huh!