The Massage Therapy Career Focus Workbook

Treatment Setting — Understanding Your Options:

We placed treatment setting focus at the end of the workbook because, although it is one of the first choices a new therapist makes upon graduation, the proper choice of a treatment setting relies on a clear understanding of the previous six focuses.

Your choice of treatment setting will form many of your clients', potential clients', and referral sources' initial impressions about the sort of therapist you are regardless of the reality of your particular practice. Treatment setting, therefore, is a critical issue.

If you attempt to establish a practice within a setting that conflicts with any of your other focus choices, you will find yourself having to adapt these other focus choices to meet the character and demands of the setting. This is simply not acceptable within a properly focused career. It is, however unfortunately, the rule nowadays more than the exception.

Therefore, you need to carefully inquire of founders/owners in order to establish if the operation is compatible with your other chosen focuses.

Treatment Setting — Resolution Statement:

Create a text document on your computer, tablet, or phone (or print this page), then record your Treatment Setting focus choice. Include as many reasons why this is the best choice for you. Also, describe how your preferred treatment setting would appear if you were describing a set for a theatre production of "My Life as a Massage Therapist."